“The Sculptor” A documentary film


 A documentary film Presented by VaayuDhwani Productions

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13221252_616525758523548_2664037325790254480_o Presented by VaayuDhwani Productions

The Sculptor

A documentary film
Presented by VaayuDhwani Productions

Directed by Natraaj Maharshi

In association with Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad organizing a Trailer release event with the attendance of the artistic best and well wishers brightening the launch.

‘The Sculptor’ is a unique form of art more than a mere documentary film on the vision of the brilliant sculptor Shivarama Chary. Watch out for the visual trick or treat as Shivrama besides being himself also plays a protagonist with his medium in the picturesque journey of his life in transforming himself and reciprocating his ideas into amazing sculptures and artistic pieces that tell a story, emote transcending phases and express the connection with realms beyond. The film depicts the journey of Shivrama Chary’s striving efforts and the process of undergoing self-realization, and how he attempts to hear the inner voice that leads to the generation of creative embellishments that end up being the final result with variety. This experiment was a sole idea by independent filmmaker Natraaj Maharshi, who believes in innovating the concept of film making by focusing on digging out the authenticity and rawness of characters instead of garnishing them with mere attraction. And after quite a few rare short films, this is his first documentary that he aims to reach out to other artists and sculptors out in the world, and to communicate a message of reuniting with self through this film to world cinema lovers showcasing the hidden gems of India such as Shivarama Chary.

Films that have churned out of VaayuDhwani Productions have abide by their rare motto to Experiment-Evolve-Enlighten and will continue to do so with every project. Till date their releases have been screened at some film festival or officially selected, and in time it only expands its wings further to do the extraordinary and reach wider and farther with a true indie spirit. And thus, it plans to take ‘The Sculptor’ to unseen corners of the world.


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