Mobile Sculpture studio


Part of Art practice always we try to work with new materials. In that way we started mobile sculpture studio where we can use naturalistic materials finding new objects trying to compose in a very innovative way.

Coming to my work, the bottom part I collected from the store, it looks like a boat shape, and whatever I found in the Bhairavakona forest I tried to incorporate in my work.

In the hill area there are multiple cave temples in different levels. I tried to reflect the same impressions in my sculpture.

In my sculpture I incorporated theĀ  coconut shell caps, shells, natural rope and different metallic colour stones collected from different areas like Bhairavakona, Western Ghats, Kanyakumari and Pondicherry. And also some bronze sculptures.

I have given the title as “The Day 1 to Day 21”. Every day I was playing with my objects, I tried to compose in a different way. It was a very good experience.

After completion of my sculpture. myself I founded new composition apart from my regular work.

shivarama chary– Shivarama Chary

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