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The artwork envisioned to denote the silver jubilee celebrations of Hysea in particular and the technological advancement in general. A continuous progress with incessant empirical growth and with a strong commitment to reach another milestone in the field of technology is depicted through this piece of art. The fundamental idea of this work of art is freedom to explore newer realms of knowledge systems through self reliance, experimentation and everlasting expedition in search of new realms.
The sculpture is created using the basic forms inspired by cosmos, particularly influenced by the concept of union and creation of nature and decentralization of energy. I believe, through the very decentralization of energy, exploration of knowledge from various fields is possible. Thus, I consider this assemblage as an epitome of speed that was advocated by futuristic artistic tradition and the importance and inevitability of machine in normal day life. The laser cut wings which are attached to two-dimensional torso and the artnouveau design, a style of decorative art inspired by innate forms and characterized by curvilinear designs show the amazing feeling of the freedom. Upon the torso, small pixels which gradually transform into illuminating stars show the success of software and the motherboards in the rare to indicate the significance of hardware. The ‘Head’ signifies perception and witnesses the process of acquiring eternal knowledge through the perception. The heavy mono-wheel with a number 25 attached to it denote the silver jubilee and further, the endless cruise towards absolute.

Shivarama Chary. Y

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